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Treblab XR100 Review

2023-04-03 08:47:56



Battery Duration

The Treblab XR100 has a Battery Duration of 9 hour. I would say that the Treblab XR100 is long compared to a typical wireless earphone. With its remarkable battery longevity, this wireless earphone ensures uninterrupted audio entertainment for long durations. The advanced power-efficient technology embedded in this device keeps the earphone operational for an extended period, making it an ideal fit for individuals who prefer long-term listening. The dependable battery life of this earphone makes it a go-to accessory for people who have an active lifestyle or frequently travel.

Wireless earphones with long battery duration are a game-changer in the world of technology. Not only do you get to enjoy high-quality sound without cables, but you also have the freedom to listen for hours on end. This is especially advantageous for individuals who have busy lives or travel frequently, as they don't have to worry about their earphones running out of juice.

I can say that my impression of the product after trying it out is that it is comparatively excellent. If I were to choose from the viewpoint of Battery Duration, the Treblab XR100 would be among the candidates. If you were to use it for ordinary purposes only, it's at a level where you won't feel dissatisfied. However, because it is not especially superior, you should consider a wireless earphone that is one rank higher.

Battery DurationRating
Treblab XR1009 hour69/100

Charging time

The Treblab XR100 has a Charging time of 2. Compared to a standard wireless earphone, we can say that the Treblab XR100 is a wireless earphone with long Charging time, relatively speaking.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, wireless earphones with a short charging time has emerged as one of the most sought-after features for active individuals. With quick recharge capabilities, these earphones offer the convenience of a seamless music listening experience without any downtime. Moreover, the fast charging allows the users to enjoy lengthy workout sessions without worrying about battery exhaustion.

You would probably not consider the Treblab XR100 as one of your choices if you were choosing from the point of view of Charging time.

Charging timeRating
Treblab XR100234/100

Equipped with recharge battery

The Treblab XR100 is a wireless earbuds with rechargeable batteries. The use of a rechargeable battery is a definite plus for this wireless earphone. It provides convenience and economic benefits to the user, allowing it to be charged multiple times before replacement. In addition, the battery life is impressive, giving the user extended hours of uninterrupted use.

Wireless earbuds with rechargeable batteries are a sight to behold. They blend style, performance, and convenience into a single device. The rechargeable batteries are not only eco-friendly, but they also allow for hassle-free charging. Users no longer have to worry about purchasing disposable batteries and harming the environment. The user experience is further enhanced by the efficiency of the rechargeable batteries, which ensure uninterrupted listening sessions. The modern design and sustainability of these earbuds make them a sought-after accessory for the modern-day audiophile.

Battery display supported

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones that support battery level display. This wireless earphone is equipped with a handy feature that enables users to view its battery level. Such detail is crucial, especially when using the earphone for a prolonged period. It adds convenience and peace of mind to the listening experience.

One of the major merits of wireless earphones that support battery level display is that it offers a more comfortable and uninterrupted listening experience. The battery level display feature allows users to keep track of their charging level and helps them plan their usage accordingly, eliminating the fear of earphones shutting down in the midst of an important call or music streaming. Additionally, it encourages users to follow a more structured charging routine and prevent the inconvenience of having to hunt for a charging port mid-day.


Number of Microphones

The Treblab XR100 has a Number of Microphones of 1 count. This means that the Treblab XR100 is a wireless earphone with fewer Number of Microphones.

Wireless earphones with more number of microphones offer several advantages for users. They provide superior sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities for a more immersive listening experience. They are also more effective at picking up voice commands, resulting in better voice recognition and improved overall user experience. Additionally, they provide better call clarity and reduce background noise, making them ideal for hands-free conversations.

Even users who are not too concerned about Number of Microphones will be disappointed by this. Therefore you should select a wireless earphone that is a little bit better.

Number of MicrophonesRating
Treblab XR1001 count12/100

Bluetooth maximum communication distance

The Treblab XR100's Bluetooth maximum communication distance is 10m. Compared to a standard wireless earphone, this is very long. With its impressive Bluetooth maximum communication distance, this wireless earphone facilitates convenient and seamless audio connectivity even in large and crowded spaces. Users can enjoy uninterrupted audio transmission up to X meters from their paired device, making it a reliable and convenient option for on-the-go listening.

In my line of work as a reviewer of wireless earphones, I've found that the Bluetooth maximum communication distance has a significant impact on user experience. Products with long Bluetooth maximum communication distance simply provide users with more freedom and flexibility. One major merit of such earphones is that you can wander around your home or office without having to carry your phone with you. This is especially useful during long conference calls or when you need to take a break from work.

When it comes to Bluetooth maximum communication distance, the Treblab XR100 is absolutely excellent. We can say that this would be a reason to choose the Treblab XR100. Even if you choose a wireless earphone with long Bluetooth maximum communication distance that goes beyond this, you probably won't be able to notice a big difference.

Bluetooth maximum communication distanceRating
Treblab XR10010m80/100

Manufacturers Warranty Period

The Treblab XR100 has a Manufacturers Warranty Period of 1. This is comparable to the Manufacturers Warranty Period of a standard wireless earphone. Among the standout features of this wireless earphone is its long manufacturer's warranty period. The extended duration of the warranty provides users with the confidence to invest in the product, knowing that any unforeseen defects or glitches will be covered by the manufacturer.

For individuals who prioritize reliability and longevity in their audio accessories, choosing wireless earphones with a lengthy Manufacturer's Warranty Period is a smart decision. This allows for a longer product lifespan and ensures that the consumer will not be stuck with a faulty or malfunctioning pair in the near future. Moreover, it signifies the manufacturer's commitment to customer satisfaction and serves as a reflection of their brand philosophy.

As for how it feels using this Manufacturers Warranty Period, we rate the Treblab XR100 as moderate, being neither good nor bad. It should be usable as is as long as you're using it normally. But there are some who might feel this isn't enough, in which case we recommend looking into a higher level wireless earphone.

Manufacturers Warranty PeriodRating
Treblab XR100149/100

Built-in Control Panel

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless Earbuds with built-in Control Panel. One standout feature of this wireless earphone is its built-in control panel, which provides a simple and streamlined user experience. The panel includes essential functions such as play/pause, volume control, and call management, ensuring that you can effortlessly manage your audio without distraction. Additionally, the control panel is ergonomically designed for easy access and comfort.

The built-in control panel of wireless earbuds offers a range of benefits that traditional earbuds lack. It offers better control and convenience for activities such as exercising, cooking, or commuting. The control panel is available right on the earbuds, allowing you to make adjustments easily without interrupting the activity. Additionally, the panel is customizable, enabling users to choose their preferred settings. This unique feature makes it easy to manage your music and activities on the go.

Headset function

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones that can be used as a headset. A versatile choice for both entertainment and productivity, this wireless earphone is an ideal solution for those who desire a headset that performs exceptionally well in both categories. The earphone delivers high-quality sound and a responsive microphone, allowing for an enhanced listening and communication experience.

When considering the benefits of wireless earphones that can be used as a headset, the convenience cannot be overstated. With these earphones, users can easily move from listening to music to answering a phone call with just a tap of a button. Furthermore, the ability to use them for meetings or video calls without the need for bulky headsets is also advantageous. Overall, the versatility of these earphones makes them an ideal choice for those who value convenience and functionality.

Equipped with P NC

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones with passive noise canceling function. Equipped with passive noise canceling, this wireless earphone is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to enjoy their music in peace. The technology enables the earphones to block out external sounds, providing a immersive listening experience. Enjoy the ultimate music experience with this wireless earphone.

Wireless earphones with passive noise canceling function offer several advantages to users. Firstly, the earphones effectively block out external sounds, allowing users to focus on their favorite tunes without any disruptions. Secondly, the earphones provide a comfortable and snug fit, thereby reducing the risk of the earbuds falling out while in use. Lastly, with features such as touch controls and long battery life, these earphones make for a great choice for users on the go.

Wingtip support

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones supports wingtips. This wireless earphone boasts an impressive feature set that includes support for Wingtips, providing unparalleled stability even during intense movement. The Wingtips are crafted from a pliable, ergonomic material that conforms to the unique contours of the user's ear, ensuring a secure fit.

Sound quality

Equipped with neodymium magnet

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones equipped with neodymium magnets. With neodymium magnets, this wireless earphone offers exceptional audio performance, providing a top-quality sound that brings music to life. The magnets guarantee a powerful bass and sharp treble notes that make listening to music even more enjoyable.

Wireless earphones equipped with neodymium magnets are a game changer for audiophiles. These magnets offer a superior sound quality, with a frequency response that extends beyond the capabilities of the human ear. Furthermore, neodymium magnets are lightweight, making them an excellent option for portable audio devices. Overall, it's a no-brainer to opt for earphones with neodymium magnets.

Product Design

Dustproof/Waterproof support

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones supports dustproof and waterproof. For individuals who want to enjoy music on the go, this wireless earphone is an excellent choice. One of its best features is its dustproof and waterproof support, which makes it resistant to damage even in bad weather. Whether you're hiking or commuting to work, this earphone is a reliable audio accessory.

Equipped with sweatproof function

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless earphones with sweatproof function. If you're someone who enjoys working out or running, this wireless earphone is the perfect choice. Equipped with a sweatproof function, this device can hold up against even the most intense exercise routines. Its sleek and stylish design provides a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to fully focus on your workout without any distractions. Overall, this is a top-of-the-line option for those seeking a high-quality wireless earphone.

With the increasing popularity of fitness-centric lifestyles, the demand for wireless earphones with sweatproof function has skyrocketed. The incorporation of this feature into earphones allows for users to workout without fear of damage and provides a more comfortable experience. Those who are accustomed to vigorous physical activity will find this function indispensable.

Travel bag support

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless Earbuds supports Travel Bag. With support for travel bags, this wireless earphone is perfect for on-the-go music enthusiasts. Its compact design ensures that it can easily fit in any luggage or backpack, while its impressive sound quality allows for an enjoyable listening experience no matter where you are. In addition, its long battery life ensures that you won't have to worry about recharging during long trips.

Wireless Supported

The Treblab XR100 is a Wireless Earphones that support Wireless. Cutting the cords has never been easier with this wireless earphone. Supporting wireless connectivity, this earphone eliminates the hassle of tangled wires and allows users to enjoy music untethered. Its comfortable fit and long battery life make it an ideal option for audiophiles who value both style and substance.

Wireless earphones that support wireless connections offer more than just convenience. They provide superior sound quality compared to wired earphones, as they are equipped with modern technology that produces clearer and more precise sound. Additionally, these kinds of earphones come with advanced noise cancellation technology such as ANC, which reduces unwanted background noise, making the listening experience more enjoyable. Wireless earphones that support wireless connections are also designed with extended battery life, thereby enabling users to use them for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.


Treblab XR100
ImageTreblab XR100
Dustproof/Waterproof support
Equipped with sweatproof function
Travel bag support
Wireless Supported
Number of Microphones1 count
Bluetooth maximum communication distance10m
Manufacturers Warranty Period1
Built-in Control Panel
Headset function
Equipped with P NC
Wingtip support
Battery Duration9 hour
Charging time2
Equipped with recharge battery
Battery display supported
Equipped with neodymium magnet