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JVC HA-ET65BV Review

2023-04-03 06:34:27



Driver unit size

Regarding Driver unit size, the JVC HA-ET65BV is 9.2mm. Compared to a standard wireless earphone, we can say that the JVC HA-ET65BV is a wireless earphone with small Driver unit size, relatively speaking.

Wireless earphones with large driver unit size offer unparalleled audio quality. The larger drivers are capable of producing a wider range of frequencies, resulting in richer and more detailed sound. They also offer deeper and more impactful bass, making your music sound fuller and more immersive than ever before. If you are someone who loves to listen to music the way it's meant to be heard, then wireless earphones with large driver unit size should be at the top of your list.

You would probably not consider the JVC HA-ET65BV as one of your choices if you were choosing from the point of view of Driver unit size.

Driver unit sizeRating
JVC HA-ET65BV9.2mm35/100

Number of Microphones

The JVC HA-ET65BV has a Number of Microphones of 1 count. This means that the JVC HA-ET65BV is a wireless earphone with fewer Number of Microphones.

Wireless earphones with more number of microphones offer several advantages for users. They provide superior sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities for a more immersive listening experience. They are also more effective at picking up voice commands, resulting in better voice recognition and improved overall user experience. Additionally, they provide better call clarity and reduce background noise, making them ideal for hands-free conversations.

Even users who are not too concerned about Number of Microphones will be disappointed by this. Therefore you should select a wireless earphone that is a little bit better.

Number of MicrophonesRating
JVC HA-ET65BV1 count12/100

Bluetooth maximum communication distance

The JVC HA-ET65BV's Bluetooth maximum communication distance is 10m. Compared to a standard wireless earphone, this is very long. Featuring an impressive maximum communication distance, this wireless earphone removes the limitations users typically face with competing devices. Its extended reach allows users to fully immerse themselves in their audio experience without worrying about signal interference. With stable connectivity, users can expect uninterrupted audio quality, no matter where they go.

The wireless earphone with an extremely long Bluetooth maximum communication distance offers unparalleled convenience and freedom to users. Whether you're exercising, commuting, or simply lounging at home, you can move around without being tethered to your device. Moreover, this feature adds an extra layer of security by reducing the likelihood of interruptions or disconnections.

When it comes to Bluetooth maximum communication distance, the JVC HA-ET65BV is absolutely excellent. We can say that this would be a reason to choose the JVC HA-ET65BV. Even if you choose a wireless earphone with long Bluetooth maximum communication distance that goes beyond this, you probably won't be able to notice a big difference.

Bluetooth maximum communication distanceRating
JVC HA-ET65BV10m80/100

Inline Control Supported

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones that support inline control. Whether it be adjusting the volume or navigating through multimedia playback, this wireless earphone's in-line control feature makes for a highly convenient user experience. Easily accessible and intuitive in its design, the device's user-friendly features are made even more impressive by its smooth integration with smartphones.

Wireless earphones that support inline control have the merit of being exceptionally user-friendly. Once you have your earphones connected to your phone, you can effortlessly navigate through your playlist, adjust sound settings, and pick up or hang up calls by simply pressing the inline controls. This makes the process of using wireless earphones streamlined and convenient. No need to fumble around with your phone while on-the-go, just let the inline controls do their job.

Built-in Control Panel

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless Earbuds with built-in Control Panel. This wireless earphone has a built-in control panel that enables users to seamlessly manage their music and calls without having to access their mobile devices. This feature guarantees convenience and enhances the overall ease of use, making it an attractive product for individuals who are always on-the-go.

Wireless earbuds with built-in control panels offer a seamless listening experience. With control panels located on the earbuds, users don't have to rely on external devices such as phones or laptops to adjust music playback, control volume or switch between tracks. This feature provides users with unparalleled freedom and convenience, as they can easily adjust their music on the go without having to carry their phones around. Furthermore, the built-in control panels support voice command, making it a valuable feature for people with busy daily schedules.

Headset function

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones that can be used as a headset. Aside from its excellent audio quality for music, this wireless earphone can also be used as a headset for phone calls. The voice clarity is top-notch, making it easy to communicate with others on the other end of the line.This wireless earphone stands out from the rest, as its call quality is just as impressive as its music performance. The earphone can be used as a headset, delivering crystal clear audio for phone calls. It's a reliable accessory for those who need both music and calling capabilities.This wireless earphone doesn't disappoint in terms of versatility, as it can be used as a headset as well. Delivering clear and distinct audio for calls, this earphone is perfect for those who frequently make phone calls on-the-go. It's a great all-around product.

The convenience of wireless earphones that can be used as a headset cannot be overstated. They enable users to avoid carrying multiple devices for listening to music and making calls. These earphones are also excellent for people who are constantly on the move because they allow for hands-free communication. Additionally, some models come with noise-cancellation features that block out unwanted noise, making for crisp sound quality and clear communication.

Equipped with mute function

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones with mute function. This wireless earphone is designed to ensure that you can focus on your work or entertainment without any distractions. The mute function is a particularly noteworthy feature that enables you to turn off the audio output whenever you need to without interruption. With this feature, this wireless earphone is a perfect addition to your daily needs.

Wireless earphones with mute function offer a significant advantage to users, particularly in hands-free communication scenarios. The mute function allows the user to mute and unmute the microphone with ease, making it easier to manage conversations and avoid background noise interference. Moreover, the feature adds an extra layer of privacy, allowing for confidential conversations without fear of intrusions. In short, the mute function is a useful feature worth considering when shopping for wireless earphones.

Equipped with P NC

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones with passive noise canceling function. This wireless earphone, equipped with passive noise canceling, is an impressive addition to any music lover's collection. The clever technology blocks out unwanted noise, allowing for a clearer, more defined sound experience. Its sleek design and easy-to-use controls make it a top contender in the market.

When it comes to earphones, passive noise canceling is a must-have feature. It eliminates distractions and creates an intimate listening environment, which is important for anyone in noisy environments. Wireless earphones with passive noise canceling function also come with improved sound quality, deep bass, and crystal-clear treble, making them an ideal choice for music lovers. Lastly, their durability and long battery life ensure that you can use them daily without worries.

Voice Guidance Supported

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless Earphones that support Voice Guidance. The voice guidance feature of this wireless earphone provides users with a smarter and safer way to access its various features. The device is able to communicate with the user in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to learn and use. The feature is particularly useful when driving, exercising, or multitasking where users may not have enough time to look at the device's interface. This aspect definitely sets the earphone apart from standard devices, providing a user-friendly and safer experience.

Wireless earphones that support voice guidance offer a convenient and hands-free experience to users. With the help of voice guidance, users can easily control their earphones without having to physically interact with them. This is particularly helpful when engaging in activities such as exercising, cooking or driving. The merit of using earphones with voice guidance is that it allows users to multitask and stay focused without having to pause repeatedly to adjust their earphones.

Wingtip support

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones supports wingtips. Our team of experts tested this wireless earphone that supports Wingtips and were pleasantly surprised by its impressive performance. With its exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit, this earphone is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality audio experience. Whether you're listening to music or taking calls, you can enjoy superior sound and clarity with this remarkable product.

Product Design


The JVC HA-ET65BV has a Weight of 20g. This means that the JVC HA-ET65BV is a wireless earphone with heavy Weight.

Lightweight wireless earphones are undoubtedly the way to go, and this product does not disappoint in that aspect. The absence of wires and bulky components also promotes freedom and ease of movement, allowing you to focus on the music or conversation at hand. Its comfortable and practical design really makes a difference in users' lives, making it a must-have for music aficionados and tech enthusiasts alike.

Even users who are not too concerned about Weight will be disappointed by this. Therefore you should select a wireless earphone that is a little bit better.

JVC HA-ET65BV20g4/100

Waterproof performance

The Waterproof performance of the JVC HA-ET65BV is 5. I would say that the JVC HA-ET65BV is high compared to a typical wireless earphone. The waterproof performance of this wireless earphone is commendable, ensuring that users can enjoy their music during workouts, on a hike, or even while swimming without worrying about any damage to it. It is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even music lovers who want to enjoy great sound quality while being outdoors.

Wireless earphones with high waterproof performance offer an increased level of convenience to users. Instead of having to disconnect from the device when participating in activities such as swimming or running in the rain, users can stay connected and enjoy their music without any interruptions. Additionally, they do not have to worry about the device getting damaged due to exposure to water or moisture. Therefore, wireless earphones with high waterproof performance are an ideal companion for people who are always on the go and require to stay connected to their music.

I can say that my impression of the product after trying it out is that it is comparatively excellent. If I were to choose from the viewpoint of Waterproof performance, the JVC HA-ET65BV would be among the candidates. If you were to use it for ordinary purposes only, it's at a level where you won't feel dissatisfied. However, because it is not especially superior, you should consider a wireless earphone that is one rank higher.

Waterproof performanceRating
JVC HA-ET65BV560/100

Equipped with sweatproof function

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones with sweatproof function. This wireless earphone comes with an impressive sweatproof function that allows you to enjoy your music while engaging in strenuous physical activities. The earphone has been designed to withstand sweat and other forms of moisture, making it an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With this earphone, you can work out to your favorite tunes without worrying about sweat damage.

Wireless earphones with sweatproof function offer a lot of benefits to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even casual users who happen to sweat a lot. Not only do they prevent moisture from seeping into the earphones, but they also enhance the durability and lifespan of the device. Additionally, having sweat-resistant earphones alleviates the concern for sweat-related bacteria buildup, thereby promoting hygiene.

Travel bag support

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless Earbuds supports Travel Bag. Nothing beats the convenience of having earphones that support travel bags when it comes to making your life as a traveler easier. This wireless earphone offers just that, along with great sound quality and reliable connectivity. The lightweight and compact design means you won't even notice it in your luggage, yet it delivers impressive performance when you're on the go.

Wireless Supported

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless Earphones that support Wireless. Cutting the cords has never been easier with this wireless earphone. Supporting wireless connectivity, this earphone eliminates the hassle of tangled wires and allows users to enjoy music untethered. Its comfortable fit and long battery life make it an ideal option for audiophiles who value both style and substance.

Wireless earphones that support wireless connections offer more than just convenience. They provide superior sound quality compared to wired earphones, as they are equipped with modern technology that produces clearer and more precise sound. Additionally, these kinds of earphones come with advanced noise cancellation technology such as ANC, which reduces unwanted background noise, making the listening experience more enjoyable. Wireless earphones that support wireless connections are also designed with extended battery life, thereby enabling users to use them for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.


Battery Duration

The JVC HA-ET65BV's Battery Duration is 7 hour. This is comparable to the Battery Duration of a standard wireless earphone. With a battery life that lasts for hours on end, this wireless earphone is perfect for individuals on the go who don't want to be tethered to a charging cable. Its long-lasting durability is matched only by its crisp and clear sound quality, making it an excellent choice for any audiophile looking for a reliable and portable listening experience.

Convenience and Freedom Provided by Earphones with Long Battery DurationWireless earphones with long battery duration offer convenience and freedom to their users. A single charge can last for an entire day or even more, and users do not have to worry about running out of power during their daily activities. This feature is especially useful for people who love to travel, work out, or use their earphones for work-related purposes.

As for how it feels using this Battery Duration, we rate the JVC HA-ET65BV as moderate, being neither good nor bad. It should be usable as is as long as you're using it normally. But there are some who might feel this isn't enough, in which case we recommend looking into a higher level wireless earphone.

Battery DurationRating
JVC HA-ET65BV7 hour47/100

Equipped with recharge battery

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a wireless earbuds with rechargeable batteries. We all know how frustrating it is to have your earphone run out of battery in the middle of your favorite song. Well, say goodbye to that problem with this wireless earphone that has a rechargeable battery. With just a few hours of charging, you can enjoy non-stop music for hours. Our team has tested and reviewed this product and highly recommend it for its convenience and hassle-free features.

Wireless earbuds with rechargeable batteries are the perfect solution for music lovers who are always on the go. These earbuds offer a high level of convenience, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music seamlessly. With a rechargeable battery, the earbuds can last for several hours of listening time, and they are ideal for long commutes or workouts. Moreover, wireless earbuds are small and compact, making them easy to carry in a pocket or purse. With their advanced technology and convenience, wireless earbuds with rechargeable batteries are a must-have for any music enthusiast.

Battery display supported

The JVC HA-ET65BV is a Wireless earphones that support battery level display. With a battery level display as one of its key features, this wireless earphone is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep track of their earphone's battery life. The display is easy to read and provides accurate information, ensuring that you'll never be caught off guard when your earphones run out of power. Whether you're on a long commute, a business trip, or simply listening to music at home, this wireless earphone has got you covered.

Wireless earphones that support battery level display are a must-have for anyone who is always on the go. With these earphones, you never have to worry about running out of battery during a long commute, workout, or flight. Knowing exactly how much battery you have left also helps you plan your usage, making sure that you don't lose connectivity during an important call or miss out on that one last song before reaching your destination.


Waterproof performance5
Equipped with sweatproof function
Travel bag support
Wireless Supported
Driver unit size9.2mm
Number of Microphones1 count
Bluetooth maximum communication distance10m
Inline Control Supported
Built-in Control Panel
Headset function
Equipped with mute function
Equipped with P NC
Voice Guidance Supported
Wingtip support
Battery Duration7 hour
Equipped with recharge battery
Battery display supported