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Motorola H17 review: A great value

2023-04-03 07:07:34



Voice Guidance support

The Motorola H17 is a Smartphone Headset that supports Voice Guidance. This smartphone headset's capability to support voice guidance is a testament to its robust functionality. Its intuitive and user-friendly design makes it an ideal option for users across various demographics. The precise and audibly clear commands ensure optimal convenience while eliminating the need for users to manually operate their devices. The ease of use and efficiency offered by this headset serves as a testament to its exceptional quality.

Are you tired of constantly picking up your phone to check notifications, change songs, or send a message? Look no further than a smartphone headset that supports voice guidance. With voice-guided headsets, you can perform all these tasks hands-free, without ever having to touch your device. Moreover, voice guidance offers unparalleled accessibility for people with disabilities or visual impairments, enabling them to access the information on the screen with ease. Lastly, voice guidance is an effective way to multitask, as you can perform multiple actions at the same time without interrupting your workflow. In conclusion, the merits of smartphone headsets with voice guidance are abundant and make day-to-day phone use effortless and enjoyable.

Voice command support

The Motorola H17 is a A smartphone headset that supports voice commands. The built-in voice command support of this smartphone headset means users can easily navigate music playlists, answer calls and perform a range of other functions without ever having to take their phone out of their pocket. This is made possible by the advanced microphone system that ensures clarity and reduces background noise.

Opting for a smartphone headset that supports voice commands is a wise decision that promises a multitude of advantages. For one, it reduces the need for manual operations and saves time and effort. Users can easily access their phones from the headset with a simple command, without having to take out their phones or touch their screens. Moreover, it offers an unparalleled level of comfort, as users can keep their hands free and avoid neck and back pain from holding the phone for prolonged periods. Lastly, it offers an excellent noise-canceling feature that eliminates external distractions and grants crystal-clear audio. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that a headset that supports voice commands is a game-changer for mobile communication.


Wireless support

The Motorola H17 is a Smartphone Headset that supports Wireless. One of the most appealing features of this smartphone headset is its wireless support. It enables users to connect to their device without the restrictions of a wired connection. The headset provides the freedom to move around while listening to music or making phone calls, making it an excellent addition to any tech-savvy individual's collection.

One of the most remarkable features of the smartphone headset that supports wireless is the convenience it offers. Such headsets allow you to move around freely and make hands-free phone calls while doing other things. Moreover, the wireless technology used in these headsets ensures a strong and stable connection, ensuring an uninterrupted communication experience.


With recharge battery

The Motorola H17 is a a smartphone headset with rechargeable battery. This smartphone headset boasts a rechargeable battery, which eliminates the need for frequent replacements and provides a sustainable power source. Users can enjoy extended periods of uninterrupted usage without compromising on audio quality or reliability.

Headset function

The Motorola H17 is a smartphone headset that can be used as a headset. This smartphone headset functions exceptionally well as a headset, allowing for clear and crisp audio during phone calls and video chats. Its comfortable design and noise-cancelling technology also make it ideal for hands-free usage while driving or completing other tasks.

The smartphone headset that can be used as a headset has several remarkable merits. First, it offers superb sound quality that allows users to listen to music, watch videos, or make phone calls with clarity and precision. Second, it usually comes with a built-in microphone that picks up the user's voice accurately and delivers it to the other end without unwanted noise or distortion. Third, it often features a comfortable and secure fit that eliminates discomfort or slippage during extended wear. In summary, the smartphone headset that doubles as a headset is a practical and convenient accessory that enhances the communication and entertainment experience of smartphone users.



The Motorola H17's Weight is 9g. I would say that the Motorola H17 is light compared to a typical smartphone headset. This smartphone headset boasts an impressively lightweight design that makes extended use a breeze. Its comfortable fit and durable build ensure that users can easily wear it for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue.

Today, the smartphone headset market is evolving continuously, and lightweight headsets are ruling the stage. Thanks to the advancement in technology, these headsets have managed to attain a perfect balance of functionality and comfort.Additionally, the lightweight headsets enable users to focus on other tasks without experiencing any additional burden on their head. Lastly, the ease of portability with lightweight headsets is an added advantage for those who are always on the go.

I can say that my impression of the product after trying it out is that it is comparatively excellent. If I were to choose from the viewpoint of Weight, the Motorola H17 would be among the candidates. If you were to use it for ordinary purposes only, it's at a level where you won't feel dissatisfied. However, because it is not especially superior, you should consider a smartphone headset that is one rank higher.

Motorola H179g66/100

Bluetooth maximum communication distance

The Motorola H17 has a Bluetooth maximum communication distance of 10m. This means that the Motorola H17 is a smartphone headset with short Bluetooth maximum communication distance.

The Bluetooth maximum communication distance on this smartphone headset is truly impressive. With a range surpassing what I've seen on most other models, it's clear that the designers put a lot of effort into optimizing the wireless capabilities. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for users who need to move around while staying connected to their device.

Even users who are not too concerned about Bluetooth maximum communication distance will be disappointed by this. Therefore you should select a smartphone headset that is a little bit better.

Bluetooth maximum communication distanceRating
Motorola H1710m16/100


Motorola H17
ImageMotorola H17
Bluetooth maximum communication distance10m
Voice Guidance support
Voice command support
Wireless support
With recharge battery
Headset function