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ARM Cortex-A75 review: A good value

2023-04-03 07:35:54

Overall Rating

- /100

(Overall Rank: - /380)

Overall Rating - /100


Processor performance

Big.LITTLE support

The ARM Cortex-A75 is a A mobile chipset that supports big.LITTLE technology. The inclusion of big.LITTLE technology in this mobile chipset sets it apart from its competitors. This technology enables improved performance and energy efficiency in mobile devices, which is especially crucial for users who are always on-the-go. The combination of these two features makes this mobile chipset a top contender in the market.

Choosing a mobile chipset that supports big.LITTLE technology can provide you with a lot of benefits. The big.LITTLE technology enables the mobile chipset to balance between high-performance cores and energy-efficient cores, which effectively saves battery life while maintaining superior performance. Additionally, the technology's ability to switch between cores in real-time reduces the risk of overheating and ensures steady performance. As an expert reviewer of mobile chipsets, I strongly suggest that users consider this chipset before choosing a smartphone.

64-bit support

The ARM Cortex-A75 is a mobile chipset that supports 64-bit. This mobile chipset supports 64-bit architecture, which allows for faster processing and improved performance. With its advanced technology, users can expect seamless multitasking and better gaming experiences. EOS

Mobile chipset that supports 64-bit architecture is the future of the smartphone industry. The increased memory addressing capability and performance improvements have opened up a world of possibilities for app developers. It allows them to innovate and create high-performance mobile applications with complex algorithms, machine learning capabilities, and AI. This ensures that users get a feature-rich experience and a glimpse of the future of mobile technology.

Security Support

Security support

The ARM Cortex-A75 is a Mobile Chipset that supports Security function. The security features of this mobile chipset are unparalleled in the industry. From fingerprint recognition to facial recognition, this chipset offers multiple layers of security to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. In addition, it also supports encryption and decryption of data, providing a further layer of protection against potential security breaches.

As a seasoned expert in the field of mobile chipset, I am immensely impressed by the security functions embedded in the latest mobile chipsets. Keeping mobile devices secure has always been a matter of concern, and with the advancement of technology, the security sector is continuously evolving. The mobile chipset that supports security functions provides unique features to address the security concerns of smartphone users. These features include secure boot up, encrypted communication, and app isolation, among others. Moreover, these chipsets are designed to provide all-around protection, without compromising the device's overall performance. The innovative technology handles sensitive data without any lag or interruption, making it a top choice among smartphone users.


ARM Cortex-A75
ImageARM Cortex-A75
Big.LITTLE support
64-bit support
Security support